Our production capacity is 1,500,000 bags per month.

TUNISIE POLYMERE has experienced continuous growth and improvement in terms of capacity and quality of the products on the market.

TUNISIE POLYMERE is established in the field of manufacturing polypropylene bags in 2018 equipped with modern technology.

TUNISIE POLYMERE is a Tunisian company located in the region of Sousse, specialized in the production of polypropylene woven bags and polyethylene.

It possesses a spirit of profession and a know-how resulting from an experience acquired in time combined with a continuous modernization of the tool of production, we favor the durable development, the satisfaction of our customers, the professionalism and the quality of our products.

According to the vision of TUNISIE POLYMERE, the production is a system capable of developing all types of ideas. The operational service has indeed the task of carrying out any projects conceived in collaboration with the customer.

The range of products satisfies all demands and categories of food, chemical building, mining production and selective collection. The bags can contain from 5 to 50 kg of product, according to the requirements of the customer and with an impression of up to 6 colors.

TUNISIE POLYMERE is constantly investing in a major way to meet the requirements of its customers.

We Innovate

Quality will always be of the highest priority within Tunisie Polymere. All of its employees are a fully focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Performance

Efficient production is achieved utilizing the most modern advanced equipment currently available within the market. The product is manufactured with the highest quality standards



Our products are of excellent quality answering any requirement. For that we always try to follow the technological advancements to progress in our field.

Quality will always be the priority at TUNISIE POLYMERE and all its employees are entirely focused on customer satisfaction.

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